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Your FREE personalized Federal Benefit analysis will include:

  1. Your approximate monthly federal annuity amount;
  2. How it’s likely to increase through cost of living adjustments;
  3. If you die before or after retirement, the approximate lump sum and monthly payment that will go to your family;
  4. What will happen with your federal annuity if your spouse dies first;
  5. An isolation of the survivor benefit cost, options on how to maximize your SSB benefit;
  6. Costs to keep your Federal Employee Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) after retirement-specific options on how to reduce the rising cost;
  7. FERS Employees: Your approximate monthly social security payment;
  8. CSRS Employees: When you can begin collecting Social Security;
  9. Historical performance and projections for your Thrift Savings Plan;
  10. The monthly income that your Thrift Savings Plan might generate, ways to maximize payments.

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